ZA International is a subsidiary of China's leading insurtech company, ZhongAn Online (HKEX Stock Code: 6060). ZA Care is a non-profit entity owned by ZA International. The vision of ZA Care is to connect Hong Kong people with charities and make participation in charities easy and fun.

Good deeds should not be limited by time nor location. ZA Care hopes to empower local charities build and run online registration and donation 24/7 by developing a digital platform, to reduce the frictions to sign up for the users and reduce the charities’ operating costs, so that they could focus on what really matters!

Charity Run by UNICEF

For children, anti-AIDS. Hosted by the UN Children's Fund Hong Kong Committee, 2019 UNICEF Charity runs through the National Campaign to raise funds to prevent AIDS from spreading in mothers and children, and new HIV cases infection among children. By delivering the strength and experience of technology, ZA Care helped UNICEF to establish an online fundraising platform to pay attention to children's healthy growth.

Charity Run by Cancer Information Charity Fund

"Hong Kong Cancer Information Charity Fund" is running a charity run to support cancer fighters! ZA Care uses technology to help the cancer community to raise funds and walk with patients by assisting the charity to establish an online registration and fundraising platform. The public can sign up for charity run, donate online, and even invite friends and family to join to support cancer patients.